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Thank you for visiting! Since the beginning of my journey in 2011 when I first published “Captive in the Dark” as an independent, I have dreamed of becoming an international best-selling author, and of one day, having my books adapted into a feature film. It was, at the time, only a distant dream. My original manuscript had been rejected by dozens of publishers, and with good reason, I was one person with absolutely no experience or online presence. I was also told it was too dark, too violent, and lacked a marketable audience. So, feeling somewhat dejected and defeated, I decided to take a chance and publish independently. What happened next was beyond my hopes. My little book took off and within a few months I had readers clamoring for the second volume in the series. I had to quit my job to finish it in a timely fashion, but my readers came to the rescue and purchased copies in advance to keep me afloat while I finished writing. “Seduced in the Dark” sold thousands of copies the day it was released and was an instant best-seller. Less than a year later, I released “Epilogue: The Dark Duet” and debuted on the USA today.

With the success of “50 Shades of Grey”, I was approached several times about the possibility of making my series into a feature film or series TV Show. I was never comfortable with the comparisons because “Captive in the Dark” is NOT a romance. I love romance, I love Mr. Grey, but romances are about consensual relationships. “Captive” is a dark, gritty, violent, and uncomfortably erotic thriller. I didn’t wish to mislead my potential audience by riding Mrs. James’ coattails. Sadly, none of these opportunities came to fruition. And so, much like before, I’ve decided to GO INDIE and be the force behind making my own dreams come true. Thank you for being a part of it, the impact you’ve had in my life and in the lives of my family has been tremendous and forever appreciated.

I hope I can count on you again to make a film version of “Captive in the Dark” a reality.


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from andRew prendergast

CEO of Helix Group Media


When I approached CJ Roberts about turning her bestselling novel into a feature film, I was driven by the power of the story of Caleb and Livvie. My experience of this genre of literature was minimal but the story was so compelling, visual, intelligent, and modern in its approach that I felt an urge to be involved and to bring these characters to the screen. After meeting with CJ and learning more about the world of dark erotic literature, I am convinced that her talent is unassailable. The characters and the world which she has created for them is a unique, extraordinary, darkly beautiful realm, redolent with the universal theme of the complexity of love and relationships, which has drawn many to it and will make for a stylish, intelligent and universally appealing film which will delight fans and also those who may not be yet be familiar with it, but will soon want to know more!

As a producer, I have spent many years in Hollywood, producing, directing, writing, and more for most of the major studios. I directed low budget creature feature films for the Sci Fi channel for a while, as well as storyboarded, packaged, wrote and pitched many more. I wrote ‘Judge Dredd’ for Fox, which went into turnaround, while at the same time I packaged films for Clive Barker, Jean Claude Van Damme, Dolph Lundgren, Jason Statham and many more. For many years, my job was to source stories which would appeal to talent and then package the talent with the story and sell it into a studio. I now run Helix Media Group which has several projects, carefully selected for their international appeal, one of which is ‘Captive in the Dark’ and which I am very excited to be part of. The film will be directed by someone yet to be chosen but who will be approved by both CJ and myself. We may even ask you, the fans, whom you think would be ideal for the job!

I’m also thrilled to announce that the film adaptation has been written by CJ herself. Who better to keep the integrity of the characters and the story intact! In the same way that CJ accomplished so much through being an independently published author, we at Helix Media Group are an independent film production company. We do not have to answer to a studio or higher power, we can make the film the fans want to see and are thoroughly determined to do just that. We need to prove to our investors that the film will find its audience, and that this can be seen through our crowd funding campaign, which, if successful, will result in the rest of the finance dropping in and will sound the clarion for the start of production of the movie we all want to see! We can only hope that you feel as excited about this project as we do and join us to create a film about these two characters who find love in the most extreme way and show how deep, dark and strange love can sometimes be.


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