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Consider pledging! There are lots of pledge amounts available on our Kickstarter! Take a peek and see if any of them are right for your blog. Your blog could appear on all our movie posters, promotional materials, and movie credits. There are also pledges that would bring you to the set to meet the cast/crew.


enter your blog to win1!

  • Two tickets to keep and two tickets to give away on your blog (a total of 4 tickets) to join the cast, crew, and author of Captive in the Dark at the Los Angeles premier of the film.2
  • Two autographed copies of Captive in the Dark by CJ Roberts to give away.
  • A personal video promoting your blog from CJ Roberts.3
  • Autographed Captive in the Dark Poster

1. All prizes are subject to the success of the ‘Captive in the Dark’ feature film Kickstarter campaign. If the campaign is unsuccessful, selected winners will receive a replacement prize to be chosen by the organizer and which may or may not have any monetary value. 2. Winners will have to fund their own transportation and accommodations to attend the premier. 3. CJ Roberts reserves to right to not make any comments she may disagree with.


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